Monday, June 22, 2009

Wag 15 results and intruction WAG #16

Writing Adventure Group: Results #15 / Instructions #16
by Nixy ~ June 17th, 2009. . Filed under: Writing Adventure Group
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WAG #15 Results and WAG #16 instructions below. All are welcome to join next week’s adventure!

The theme for the Writing Adventure Group #15: Best Tool for the Job”. Describe a favourite tool in concrete terms, but also show how you (or whomever it belongs to) feel about using it, and how it leaves an individual or particular mark on the end product.

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Here are the other great entries

“WAG #16: True Love” People watching time! This time, go people watching and select a couple. Write about the “secret” part of their relationship… the things about this couple that they don’t show to the world. It can be good and sweet things, like gooey pet names, or darker things, like arguing over who should take out the trash.

Post the results on your blog, and read this post about the group for information on how to notify me so your post will be properly included in next week’s list. (Note, please include WAG #16 in the subject heading and tell me how you want your name to appear! If you do not, I will use the name as it appears on your email.) Deadline: next Tuesday, June 23rd.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wag #!15 Thre right tool for the job

A pen, seeming unassuming, just a black cartridge pen, nothing too fancy, useful and easy to use.

I write longhand using the pen and the small scratching noise it makes as it moves across the pages is comforting, reassuring, I am working, creating making progress, soon the words will be translated to the laptop and the banging of the keys will fulfil this function.

The pen was a gift, from my husband and so it has become my personal favourite when drafting, not only is it comfortable to hold for long periods of time but the lid doesn't show the marks made my teeth when waiting for inspiration to strike.

The pen has come to mean more than this now though, the gift has demonstrated the support I get from my family , the belief they have in my writing and their shared desire for me to succeed. It may look like a humble pen but to me it is the right tool for the job.