Monday, June 8, 2009

Wag #!15 Thre right tool for the job

A pen, seeming unassuming, just a black cartridge pen, nothing too fancy, useful and easy to use.

I write longhand using the pen and the small scratching noise it makes as it moves across the pages is comforting, reassuring, I am working, creating making progress, soon the words will be translated to the laptop and the banging of the keys will fulfil this function.

The pen was a gift, from my husband and so it has become my personal favourite when drafting, not only is it comfortable to hold for long periods of time but the lid doesn't show the marks made my teeth when waiting for inspiration to strike.

The pen has come to mean more than this now though, the gift has demonstrated the support I get from my family , the belief they have in my writing and their shared desire for me to succeed. It may look like a humble pen but to me it is the right tool for the job.


Frances said...

What a great description! I really got the sense of how much the pen means to you.

dan powell said...

Your feelings for your pen are very similar to those I expressed in my own. The pen as a symbol of the support from your family is a heart-warming one.

J. M. Strother said...

Nice sentiment. I love a good pen, all the more if it came from someone special. I know several writers that write longhand, like you, and then transcribe to the computer. It's a nice way to accomplish a first edit. But may handwriting is now so bad I think I may not be able to do transcription of my own stuff!