Saturday, May 1, 2010

Check these other responsed to WAG #19 and get involved with #20

WAG #19 Results and WAG #20 instructions below. All are welcome to join next week’s adventure!

The theme for the Writing Adventure Group 19 was “Pick a Pocket”: Pick someone out of a crowd and describe what (you imagine) is in their pockets (Unless you want to be brave and ask them!) Give us both meaning and physical details, and don’t forget to let yourself be surprised.

For those who participated, please cut and paste the links below (and instructions for next week, if you wish) to your own blogs. This will help promote the group and give some linky love to each other, creating a fantastic cross-promotional network of WAGs!


How to Join the Writing Adventure Group

Isaac Liljedahl (New to WAG!)

Caroline Dickey (New to WAG!)

Melanie Trevelyan

Peter Spalton

Miss G (Follow Miss G on Twitter!)

Marsha Moore (Follow Marsha on Twitter!)

Sue O’Shields

Gunnar Helliesen (Follow Gunnar on Twitter!)

India Drummond (Follow India on Twitter!)

JM Strother

Kate McIntire (Follow Kate on Twitter!)

The Writing Adventure Group is on Facebook. Join us there too, and get weekly reminders so you never miss an adventure.
Next Week:

“WAG #20: The First Time” Everything we’ve ever done had a ‘first time’. Think of an activity (either of your own or something you observe of someone else) and write about the first time of that experience, and perhaps even compare it to subsequent experiences. Maybe even pick a moment that might have looked mundane from the outside, but made a significant change to the person experiencing it. Not a lot of rules, as usual… just let your imagination flow!

How to be added to the “results” post next week:

1. Write whatever you like based on the theme suggested
2. Post the results on your blog
3. Email THE DIRECT LINK TO YOUR WAG POST (not just your blog) to India AT IndiaDrummond DOT com (or use the handy-dandy web form). This way I can link back to you in the next post! Please include the word WAG in your subject heading. Please include the title of the post (if any) and your name as you want it to appear on the listing. If you do not do this, I will use the name as it appears on your email. NEW! You may also include your Twitter ID. (Please put it in your email, even if I already follow you as I do not want to have to go look it up for everyone!)
4. To get more people involved, please use Twitter, FB status, myspace, your blog, etc to tell your writer friends about the group and talk about your own writing adventure! All are welcome to join, so spread the word!

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