Monday, May 17, 2010

The hero

The Unknown hero

He walks through the crowd unnoticed. His clothes smart, of the time but almost uniform, they don’t mark him out as different.

But he is, but nobody knows. He doesn't like the limelight, doesn't take the credit for the miracles he has worked.

He spends his time thinking of ways to improve things, help people this man in a t-shirt advertising the latest band, the blue denim and the converse trainers. He spends his time making time for others rather than looking for excuses to duck his responsibilities. Yet no-one makes a fuss as he passes them, the cape that should be there invisible, even to himself.

His brow is furrowed is concentration, his phone rings and he becomes animated, his blue eyes seem to dance and he finally seems to look around, take stock of his surroundings, notice that he is not alone on the high street. He finishes his call and passes through a door, the place where the magic happens, the place labelled; ‘charity headquarters.’


SueO said...

Sweet, Mel. The unsung hero a.k.a. the volunteer. :)

Walt said...

This weeks Writing Adventure Group has been very interesting. So many people with so many visions of their "Real Hero"

Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

Miss G said...

Nice ode to the unknown hero's!

rwolcott said...

Original thinking and good writing. Nice one.

Kate McIntire said...

These are true heroes to me, as well, Melanie. I revel in the daily triumphs of unselfishness and consideration -- let someone else worship Brad Pitt. Cheers.